Alec Baldwin Regrets Of Average Film Career Choices!

Alec Baldwin, doesn’t think very high of his film career. The star known for such roles as in Beetlejuice, The cooler and the sitcom 30Rock star does admit that his choices in acting have not always been that savvy, and goes onto say that he has now put all his regrets behind and is just happy that he has even made a name for himself in Hollywood. The oldest of the Baldwin Brothers and columnist for The Huffington Post reaveals.

“I’ve had a very average film career,” he said. “The average career is that 25 percent of the films you do are good, or very good. 25 percent of the films you do are disgusting and horrible. And the 50 per cent in the middle is ‘eh’.

“Maybe one little piece is good and that’s it for most people. That’s how I feel.

“It’s a tough, tough, tough racket. When you’re in this business, if things work out, it’s a miracle. Most of it doesn’t work out… I used to have a lot of regrets about things I didn’t do, or did. I’m not in that place anymore. It didn’t do me any good.”

Baldwin also regrets is that her did not win an Oscar for The Cooler in 2003, and believes that his career could have gone very different had he done so.

“Had I won, it would have been different. But I didn’t win. In films, the constant question is, how much control do you cede to people, and how much do you take yourself? I never got that right. I never trusted people when I should and I trusted people who I shouldn’t,” he said.

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