‘A Different World’s’ Actress Jasmine Guy Deadbeat Ex Owes $40k Child Support! (Video)

 ‘‘A Different World’ actress Jasmine Guy’s ex husband owe back payments in child support. The star who played (Whitley Gilbert) in the sitcom has been bilked out of getting almost forty thousand dollars from him, he has skipped out of paying for two years now, this is according to documents.

Guy had filed legal docs in Los Angeles County Superior Court recently, claiming Terrence Mitchell Duckett, who she had been divorced from since in 2008 has been ordered by a judge to pay the amount of one thousand four hundred and sixty nine dollars a month in back child support to the couple’s daughter.

It has also been said that Duckett has not put out any money since My 2010.She has filed theses papers cause she wants her ex held in contempt of court, so his wages will be garnished, going after his assets, or even having him thrown in jail.

A hearing on the matter was scheduled for last month, but was canceled because Jasmine was unable to serve her ex with the papers. Sources close to Jasmine tell TMZ the actress is still attempting to serve the papers, so the hearing can be rescheduled.

Her lawyer, Lisa West, tells TMZ,

“Both parents have the financial responsibility of rearing a child. Jasmine has always met and will continue to meet her financial responsibility. She, however unfortunately, finds herself in the same position as are many single mothers in this country — she must enforce her child’s right to benefit from the financial assets of both parents.”

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