’30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan, Planning Children, Finance Megan Wallover, Despite Eighteen Year Age Difference!

American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan would like to have children with his fiancée and a summer wedding. Morgan had spoken up about his feeling about his relationship with his new woman in his life, revealing the two are excited to have children on day, even though there is an eighteen years age gap.

 The 30 Rock actors who is now forty three years old, met twenty five year old Megan Wollover just last year, and after on month together, they announced they were engaged. Morgan, who is divorced and has three adult sons, has said he is ready to start a new family.

He gushes,

“She’s awesome. She’s totally with me. I love her. I was married for 21 years and I never thought I would get married again. She’s 25, I’m 43. It took me 43 years but she’s here.

 ”(We met) through a mutual friend, hanging out. He introduced us and we took it from there. It was a blind date, actually it was a meeting. She was with her friend and I was with my homeboy and we met and we started talking and I and she took it from there. And she’s been with me ever since.

 ”She’s a really smart person, that’s the thing I love about her. She’s gonna be a doctor. It’s cool, we (sic) going to have some kids and everything.”

Morgan reveals the couple plans to tie the knot this summer, 2012:

 ”I got down on one knee and asked her if she would have my last name: ‘Will you marry me?’ She said, ‘I’ll represent that to the fullest’. (We’ll) probably (get married) this summer. We haven’t set a date because we’re still checking each other out.”

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