Nathaniel Marston, Saying Goodbye To A Cherished Son, Soap Star and Husband

Nathaniel Marston, it has been two days since we all heard the sad news that he passed away from surgery complications. It was on October 30 when sadly at just forty years old, a crash would eventually claim his life on November 11, 2015, a day for his fans and everybody else to feel the heartbreak along with his mother. And now today I read somewhere about his ups and downs, yes he found fame after he had been discovered at a bakery, landing to a film role and moving on to the world of Soaps.

He found love, he married Rita Bias and he also was involved in a street fight which lead to an arrest and jail time. But looking at this in a different way, does it all really matter because on that awful day his life was changed in a split moment. He was left with such grave injuries that his Mother wrote on Facebook, my son,

His mother spoke of his tragic injuries, he was fighting pneumonia, a heart infection an irregular pulse his heart stooped twice and if he made it through all this, he most likely live out his life as a quadriplegic.”

died in her arms. “By God’s love and mercy, Nathaniel was spared this living hell.”

The ups and downs are his mother’s and wife’s emotions, just a heartbreaking tragedy.

Jackson announced on Facebook.

“Thank you soo much for your love , kindness, prayers and positive and generous support,” she added. “It really means so much to me.. Sending all of you love, light and Gods blessings.”

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Soap Star, Nathaniel Marston, Dies In Mom’s’ Arms!

Sad news about Nathaniel Marston, as his fans, friends, family and people who heard about his tragic story awake today following a day after hearing that he passed away, it is heartbreaking. He was an actor, and as I have heard he was on the Soaps, As the World Turns and One Life to Live. A little about him, he was from Torrington, Connecticut just forty years old and he moved around a lot with his mother Elizabeth, thoughts are with her day on such a hard day, her emotions must be all over the place. When he was working at a bakery he had been discovered, he appeared in commercials and he had co starred along with actress Angelina Jolie in the film Love Is All There, his roles on the Soaps were Eddie Silva, Al Holden, and Dr. Michael McBain.

He was married to Rita Bias, sadly on October 30, 2015, a car crash left in critical condition fighting for his life, what happened he may have fallen asleep just before his pickup truck flipped several times. It was his mother, who reported,

he was on life support and doctors had advised that, if he survived, he would likely be paralyzed from the neck down.

Marston‘s family said he passed away peacefully in the arms of his mother Elizabeth Jackson on Wednesday.

But today as hearts are broken, dealing with his death on remembrance day, November 11. 2015 although his mother was optimistic he died from complications from the surgery.

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Azealia Banks Investigated For Security Guard Attack

Azealia Banks is being investigated. Supposedly a video had surfaced of the rapper/singer the day following her cancellation of her November tour dates and allegedly for attacking a nightclub security guard. LAPD Department for criminal battery are the ones checking this out and the incident was reported to happen in Los Angeles sometime last month, this is according to TMZ.

Pitchfork reports, the shows were originally rescheduled in August after co-headliner K. Michelle dropped out.

The gossip site obtained video of the incident, which took place at Break Room 86 in Los Angeles late last month. Banks and her friends were asked to leave the club because of “unruly behavior,” and on her way out the rapper reportedly tried to pull the fire alarm.

At that point, Banks was grabbed by a security guard, after which members of her party rushed to pull him off of her. Banks can then be seen jumping the guard and hitting him repeatedly along with her friends until another security guard arrives and breaks up the scuffle.

In a note on Twitter, Banks wrote,

“I’m very busy at work. Your coins will be refunded and I will be back in January.” She’s still scheduled to play Terminal 5 in New York City on November 19th.

It is possible Banks canceled her tour to work on the follow-up to her 2014 LP, Broke With Expensive Taste. Banks has spent a good chunk of 2015 on the road in support of the album, but her musical output has been limited to a handful of guest features and remixes, including a reworking of Fall Out Boy’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

More on Banks, she became popular when she topped NME’s Cool list and she will appear in the upcoming of the musical drama film, Coco.

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Justin Bieber Still Striving Improve Behavior

Justin Bieber says ‘I’m still striving to improve my behaviour’. The popular Canadian pop singer reveals that there are days that his mood is depressed and upset but says he is trying to improve this for himself. He has also let his fans know in an interview that he is focused on improving is behaviour as the last years he has been in some kind of trouble. Following his break from his music career, he has vowed to become a better person, not a person known for his wild antics and run-ins with police. He also says his working on changing his attitude, however, there was an incident where he got upset when his legs were being grabbed showing his behaviour again.

In an interview with Britain’s Telegraph magazine, which has been published just days after the incident, Justin confesses he has not completely let go of his bad boy self, but he is trying to improve.

“There’s so much I need to work on. And I’m still getting days where I’m depressed and upset,” he says. “But I know that I’m not where I used to be. So that really keeps me motivated. I’m not where I wanna be – but at least I’m not where I used to be… that’s a cool little slogan I’ve been living by.”

Speaking on his past behaviour, he adds,

“I got so involved in ‘me me me’ – because you’re young and people are telling you you’re great all the time. And you start believing it… I started believing the hype and acting a certain way… I could feel people’s energy, and I also really didn’t care. I could (not) give two s**ts if someone liked me or not. And that’s where things went bad.

“For a minute I was just too in my head, and I just wanted to quit everything… But I knew that was the easy way out. I know I’m meant for this. I know that God has a greater purpose for me to be in this position. It’s just up to me to take that calling and respect it. It takes integrity to last in this business. It takes being a good person.”

Justin apologised for the concert walkout on, telling fans he had “a rough week” with “long days” and “no sleep”

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Chris Martin can’t deal with relationship closure well

Chris Martin has a ‘problem’ with closure. Well at least this according to the English singer’s ex-girlfriend, Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence reportedly thinks he has a problem with this. The Coldplay lead vocalist seems to be still texting her although he is with someone new, Annabelle Willis. What she thinks is although they are no longer together, she feels history is ”repeating itself” all over again because when he was with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow he was the same way, apart from her but still texting her.

A source told Grazia magazine:

”It’s a total role reversal. When Jen was dating Chris he always had one eye on Gwyneth, which was part of the reason they finally called it a day.

”Now he’s with someone new it’s as if history is repeating itself, and he keeps checking in with Jen. Privately, she’s told friends that he seems to have a problem gaining closure from relationships.”

Meanwhile, the 25-year-is said to be ”furious” with the ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ hitmaker for flaunting his new relationship with ‘Peaky Blinders’ actress Annabelle

An insider shared:

”She fired off an angry email to him when she saw the photos online. She still had some stuff at his place in LA and she was pretty p***ed about the whole thing.

”Jen can’t believe she didn’t see it all along – it looks like Chris was using her to get over Gwyneth. Nobody wanted to think Jen was his rebound girl, but it definitely seems that way now.

”Jen feels hurt. I think she kept breaking things off with him, but he’d always convince her to come back to him. It felt like he was stringing her along.”

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Billy Bob Thornton Doing Fine Following Minor Car Crash!

resizedimageBilly Bob Thornton hospital visit following a car crash. He is one of the stars of the science fiction disaster Armageddon and what has been reported, paramedics checked him over because the car in which he was a passenger in had a minor collision, in the early morning hours in West Hollywood. Also reported by TMZ, Thornton is doing well, a representative has confirmed and he has now returned back to the set of his latest movie. It is good to see the sixty-year-old fine and back to work. More news on Thornton is is just recently that he announced his tying of the knot to fifty-one-year-old Connie Angland, many happy years for the couple and he loves buying himself boots,

Speaking about some snake-adorned cowboy boots he was wearing at the time, he said:

“I got these in New Mexico a long time ago. I don’t anymore, but it used to be when I finished a movie or something,

“I would always treat myself to a pair of boots. That was always my thing.”

When asked how many boots he owned, he added: “1.2 million. No, 50.”

More on Thorton, he is the child of a psychic and an educator, high school history teacher, and basketball coach. At the beginning of his career, he was a musician, playing drums and singing in a band called Tres Hombres.

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