Eminem, Mocked Celebrities Including Caitlyn Jenner In Harsh Freestyle Rap

Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, and a best-selling artist seems to have been a bit of fouled mouth as he mocked Caitlyn Jenner in shock freestyle rap. The rapper is known for his controversial rap music, often mocking various celebrities, but has he taken a step to far by his ridiculing of transgender star Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, a retired American athlete known for winning the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Although Jenner is getting a lot of support it seems as if not from Eminem, in a

freestyle rap which aired on a US radio show on Thursday evening.

In the rap, 42-year-old Eminem speaks to Caitlyn saying:

‘Heat seeking missile duck, demented sick see who gives a f**k. I invented p**** and this a true statement, I see the b**ch in you, Caitlyn,’ adding:
‘I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d**k. No disrespect though not at all, no pun intended that took a lot of balls.’

Jenner, sixty-five just recently came out with the shocking news about gender transition, keeping her/his feelings secret for several years.

She revealed:

‘If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life’.’

The rap mocks other celebrities, which include, actress Angelina Jolie, singer Rita Ora and rapper Azealia Banks.

Despite his strong words, Eminem claimed that it was all meaningless.

‘The rhyme by the way, it’s all in fun. I just say s*** to say it. I don’t even know if there’s anything,’ admitted Marshall, adding:
‘It’s very rarely, very rarely personal. Put it this way, if it was ever personal, someone would know it.’

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jimmy fallon’s Ring Finger Story Is Not One For The Squeamish

Jimmy Fallon‘s finger was almost amputated. The Television host finger had been in bad shape following a fall over and suffered from ‘ring avulsion’ The Bay Ridge, Brooklyn native had no choice to take a two week hiatus from his The Tonight Show spot because he had to spend ten days in the ICU. He has explained what the story is behind the bandage around his ring finger,

and it’s not one for the squeamish.

The star was forced to take a break from The Tonight Show after he suffered a significant hand injury in which he nearly lost a finger after falling over in his kitchen.

“I tripped and fell, and I caught my fall, and I’m getting up and my finger is sideways,” he told the audience on his return to the show. “It looked fake – it looked like a cheap horror movie where you see a broken finger,” he added.

Fallon explained that he had suffered from “ring avulsion”, caused by his ring becoming caught on a counter top in his kitchen as he fell over. He was sent to a specialist at Bellevue hospital in New York, where he underwent six hours of micro surgery.

A doctor had to take a vein from his foot and put it inside his finger in order to save the digit – though in many cases of this kind, the finger would have simply been amputated, Fallon told the audience.

“I won’t get the feeling back for eight weeks,” Fallon said, pointing at his bandaged hand, explaining that he had spent 10 days after the surgery recovering in the intensive care unit.

But despite his ordeal, Fallon was able to joke about the experience.

“I should say the fall was funny – I’m a comedian so I have to fall funny,” he said, adding that he had already drawn up plans for a new kind of ring.

He ended the segment thanking the “angels” that had looked after him at the hospital.

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Nintendo Announces Sad News Satoru Iwata Dies

Satoru Iwata has died, such a huge loss, he was just fifty-five years old. The Japanese businessman and programmer was the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo. The Sapporo, Japan native’s death had been announced by Nintendo that he died on July 11, 2015.

The short statement attributes his untimely death to a bile duct growth, a rare form of cancer that is difficult to catch early on. Iwata recently missed this year’s E3 due to health concerns relating to the growth, which he attempted to have surgically removed.

His death is not just felt by Nintendo but also the entire industry, his work includes Earthbound and Kirby and he,

oversaw the company’s extremely successful transition from playing card manufacturer to video game maker.

Iwata’s tenure oversaw huge successes for Nintendo like explosive sales of the DS and the Wii, but also a few hardships like the underperforming GameCube and Wii U. But through it all, Iwata has been a beloved figure in the gaming industry, known for his warmth and accessibility despite occupying such a powerful position.

In my opinion, it is extremely a huge loss, knowing that he had future plans for other things, such sad day for Nintendo.

Iwata also had interests in video creation and in his High School days he started creating video games, he majored in computer science, he did freelance work as a programmer for HAL Laboratory, Inc.,

a game developer that often collaborated closely with Nintendo.

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‘Cheers’ Star Roger Rees Sadly Dies

Roger Rees has sadly died. The Welsh actor was known for two main roles, Robin Colcord in Cheers and Lord John Marbury in The West Wing, died in New York on Friday, he was seventy-one years old.

The New York Times’ Scott Heller tweeted the news late Friday.

A statement from Rees’ publicist, quoted by Heller, read: “Roger Rees, Tony Award-winning actor, passed away tonight at home, after a brief illness.”

Rees was also seen as Thomas Paine in TV miniseries “Liberty! The American Revolution,” and roles in two sci-fi series: “M.A.N.T.I.S.,” and “Warehouse 13.” and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” in which he played the Sheriff of Rottingham, “The Pink Panther” and “Frida.”

He was a Aberystwyth, Wales native and he leaves behind his husband, the playwright Rick Elice to mourn his death.

Rees’s parents were a shop clerk and a police officer.

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Towie’s Jess Wright ‘Ricky Rayment & Marnie Simpson’s Relationship Won’t Go The Distance

Jess Wright feels ‘Ricky Rayment & Marnie Simpson won’t last. The Only Way Is Essex star following Rayment’s exit from the show and asked the important question to the Geordie Shore star, and is ex Jess Wright,

 doesn’t have high hopes that it’ll go the distance, this is according to sources.

Since Jessica Wright’s bitter split with Ricky Rayment was played out for all to see on TOWIE in November,

Jess hasn’t looked back. Looking as glamorous as ever as she stepped out last week at the Magic Mike XXL premiere, Jess appeared unfazed by the news that Ricky, 24, had popped the question to 23-year-old Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson after six months of dating.

In fact, friends of Jess, 29,

tell Now that she finds the entire situation a joke and firmly believes it’s a disaster waiting to happen. A source reveals: ‘Jess and the rest of the Wright family think it’s hilarious. The way they see it, Ricky’s a joke.

‘He’s been flaunting his romance with Marnie in Jess’s face on social media and now he’s done this. She’s been saying: ‘Good luck to him!’ laughing her head off, telling friends it’s never going to last and that Ricky doesn’t have a clue what he wants,’ says our source.

‘At first Jess was a bit shocked by the news ­ after all, Ricky had told Jess he was in love with her and wanted to marry her and have kids ­ and look how that turned out. Just seven months later, he’s telling someone else the same thing. Jess knows that she and Ricky weren’t right, but it’s still a pretty cruel blow that he’s  moved on so quickly.’

Rayment supposedly aked the question last month when in the Geordie Shore house and Marnie,

 ‘immediately said yes’, according to friends of the couple.

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Amanda Peterson’s Friends Remember Their Down To Earth Kind Friend

resizedimageCan’t Buy Me Love, Amanda Peterson‘s friends remember her as having a down-to-earth demeanor and kindness. The Greeley, Colorado native was known for her role as Cindy Mancini in the hit movie, but according to her friends she preferred to be known as Mandy.

The forty-three-year old’s Greeley friends, many who knew her as a child, described her as a down-to-earth girl who never liked being recognized as a movie star. She preferred to be known as a loving friend and family member.

On Sunday, such sad news came out as she was found in her apartment no responsive, and now Greeley Police and the Weld County Coroner’s Office are both investigating the cause,

 and no new information was released Tuesday.

She was just nine-year-old when she started acting and she was one of three children, and at the age of fourteen she got her big break in the 1987 hit “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

She made enough of an impact for the nation to react to her death, including other well-known actors such as Wil Wheaton, another who got his start as a child. Wheaton said on Twitter last night:

“I knew Mandy a little bit when we were kids. She was kind and wonderful to be around.” Sarah Michelle Gellar on Twitter, “When I was younger, I used to want to be Amanda Peterson.”

According to a report from Fox News, Sharon Peterson said her daughter died on Friday morning.

“It’s such a big loss,” Sharon Peterson said in the Fox News story. “Such a loveable person. She had some medical problems with her heart, but we don’t know the cause yet.”

A friend, Rosalee Simon, said she met Peterson through working in her father’s Greeley doctor’s office and remembers Peterson’s friendly demeanor. Everyone she met noticed her abundant kindness.

“She didn’t like to be the big Amanda Peterson,” Simon said. “She was very down-to-earth, and she would just say, ‘Oh, I’m just Mandy.’”

Simon and her cousin, April Varela, last saw Peterson on Thursday in the bleachers at the rodeo at the Greeley Stampede after Varela came back to visit from her home in Virginia Beach.

Varela described Peterson as “very sweet” and said she was someone who wouldn’t hesitate to make you smile after a difficult day.

Childhood friend Tawnya Bowie remembers Peterson’s sense of humor. Bowie said Peterson would come into Bowie’s salon after dyeing her hair from a box that didn’t quite come out right.

“She got a box of color from King Soopers and she’d come in and I would fix it,” she said. “I have those messages that I’m never going to erase off my phone. She was really funny.”

Bowie said along with Peterson’s sense of humor she was caring without expecting anything in return.

“My daughter had spinal meningitis. She was in the hospital for six days, and my husband would leave and Mandy would just stay in the hospital with me, she would just stay there and be by my side,” Bowie said. “She had a heart of gold.”

After moving to Greeley from Colorado Springs, childhood friend Ursula Wilson easily made friends with Peterson and was able to keep that friendship even as they got older.

“She never treated us any different,” Wilson said, “and it was reciprocal because she never wanted to be treated any different. We still felt connected on a level even though we weren’t always together. It never mattered how much time went by between seeing each other, we would always pick up where we left off.”

Peterson’s friends described having a movie star friend as being nothing out of the ordinary because of Peterson’s demeanor and her desire to be recognized as a friend first.

“We were overly excited and, of course, wanted to support her in what she was doing,” Wilson said. “She would come back and she was still very down-to-earth. She was just Mandy to us.”

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