Billy Connolly Following Health Scares Feels ‘Stronger Than Ever’

Billy Connolly is feeling stronger than ever. The Scottish comedian, musician, presenter and actor. Known by his nickname “The Big Yin” (“The Big One”) in his native Scotland was given the harsh news that he had to fight against two sickness’s Prostate cancer and Parkinson‘s about a year back. Well his wife says that the Open Season star couldn’t be doing better.

“He’s sort of got through it all, touch wood, and his Parkinson’s is very slow-moving,” Pamela Stephenson-Connolly told AAP in Sydney on Monday.

“He’s probably had it for 10 years, but he’s got one of those forms that is very slowly advancing, it’s not too awful.”

It was last September when he received the news just two days after he got hearing aids.

But after his prostate was surgically removed the next month, and following another scare with a life-threatening blood clot, the 71-year-old was given the all-clear in December.

He was also informed his Parkinson’s was a mild, slow-moving form which needed no medication.

“He’s come through and out the other side of this stuff,” Stephenson-Connolly said.

“He’s been really funny about the Parkinson’s, really funny about the prostate cancer.”

Stephenson-Connolly, has revealed that Connolly’s health issues have gifted him a glut of fresh comedy material to work with, including how his cancer was found via a

“routine finger up the bum test”.

Although there has been a positive outcome Stephenson said it had been a difficult time for the couple’s entire family.

“I mean you know that people aren’t going to stay healthy and young forever, so you always know that there’s always the possibility that someone’s gonna get sick,” she said.

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Romeo Santos Admits He Hates His Singing And Speaking Voice (Video Clip)

Romeo Santos says ‘I’ve Got An Awful Voice’. He is a singer songwriter, and a former lead singer of the Bachata group Aventura and his time with them proved to be great as he was a key figure in popularizing Bachata and sometimes he just baffled by his fans when they pay attention to his singing, because he says he hates his own voice, he has also said he dislikes his speaking voice.

The Odio singer tells,

“I don’t enjoy hearing myself talk… I don’t like my voice and I don’t enjoy my singing voice; I do what I do to bring pleasure and diversion to the fans.

“I think that the difference between singing and talking is when I sing, I try to sing with a feeling that I don’t have when I’m talking because I sound very hoarse.”

Also about santos, he was born in the Bronx and at the young age of ten he was a member of the church choir.

watch video! Romeo Santos – Odio Feat.Drake (Lyric Video)

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Fifi Geldof Speaks Openly About Twenty Year Depression

Fifi Geldof had suffered from clinical depression since the age of eleven. It had been during the time when her parents Bob Geldof and her late mother Paula Yates were in a bitter divorce, when the now thirty one year old’ fight with mental illness surfaced twenty years ago.
Recalling the moment she thought she was losing her mind as a youngster, she said:

”It’s confusing and it makes you feel quite lost within yourself.
”It wasn’t a slow and gentle descent into depression. Something totally switches in your mind. I’m still trying to work out what’s wrong with me now.”

Also when her mother died in 2000 of an accidental heroin overdose, she resorted to drugs and alcohol. She also says that she had never spoke to father about how she felt and when she is once again struggling she turns to her friends. She explained to the Daily Mail newspaper

: ”I never expressly told my parents. Dad doesn’t know. I wouldn’t talk to him about it now. I don’t have that relationship with my family. I lean on my friends a lot more. We are a close family, but I have a different relationship with them than my friends.”
Also Fifi lost her twenty five year old sister Peaches in April also of an accidental drug overdose, she says this left a hole in her soul. She said:

”Peaches’ death is like a piece of me that has been taken. A piece of my heart and my soul has gone. She was my baby sister. She knew more than anyone else in the family. Peaches and I were quite similar, mostly in our feelings about stuff that went on that we bonded over. She loved books and reading. We were both quite cynical in our outlook of the world.”

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Former Jethro Tull, 67 Original Bass Player Glenn Cornick Dies

Glenn Cornick has died. He was the first bass guitar player in the progressive rock band. Jethro Tull and he was sixty seven year old. The reason has been stated was congestive heart failure at his home in Hilo. Hawaii, on Thursday. He performed with the band through the years1968 until 1970. According to his son, Drew Cornick,

his dad had been receiving hospice care prior to his death, according to He called his father “brilliant and cantankerous” up until his death.

Jethro Tull vocalist and floutist, Ian Anderson, wrote on the band’s website:

‘k-hya lively bravado both as a personality and a musician.

In the past years he played in various bands. He was also a guest at the Tull fan conventions many times. He leaves behind his wife, Brigitte Martinez-Cornick; a daughter, Molly Cornick; and another son, Alex Cornick.

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Celebrities Send Tweets Of Love & Prayers To Ailing Joan Rivers

resizedimageJoan Rivers is receiving with celebrity tweets and love. Eighty one year old comedian, writer, producer and television host is in the hospital at this time, in an induced coma and support has been pouring in over twitter from many celebrities sending their thoughts out to Rivers and her family.

The “Fashion Police” host, had been hospitalized at Mount Sinai in New York City. On Thursday as she suffered a cardiac and respiratory arrest during surgery on her vocal chords.

At present she is in “serious” but “stable” condition. this is according to her daughter Melissa and hospital staff.

Following River’s hospitalization, celebrities immediately started sending well wishes her way.

Sheen wrote, “Please come back to us young lady,” while “Modern Family” star Ferguson said, “Sending all my love and prayers to my friend @Joan_Rivers right now.”

Courtney Love added, “Hang in there @Joan_Rivers So many awful gowns are going to be worn this year as bait for you pull through. Love and prayers Court.”

Rosie O’Donnell, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, and Zachary Quinto also tweeted their thoughts and prayers to the comedienne.

Borrowing Rivers’ classic sarcasm, comedian Jeff Ross “joked” about the star’s medical issues, writing, “Don’t worry folks, @Joan_Rivers won’t die because she refuses to follow Robin Williams. Get well mama. We need you.”

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Ariana Grande Describes Her Younger Self ‘A Hot Mess’

Ariana Grande: I was a ‘hot mess’. The star made her acting debut playing the role of Charlotte in 13 on Broadway then moved onto her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and reprised the role on the spinoff Sam & Cat and she says when she was in younger years this what she looked like, she even looked similar to a Strawberry Shortcake when she had to dye her hair red or a film role. She is the sister to Big Brother star Frankie James Grande and she does tell that there are embarrassing pics of her past which just make her cringe. Quizzed on how she feels when she sees old snaps of herself, she said:

”Oh my God! You know when you scroll a little too far back on your Facebook and you’re like, ‘Oh my God – I didn’t want to see that! Why am I going through this?!

”I was a hot mess. I had to dye my hair red for a role [in 'Victorious'] and it put me in a challenging position because I liked to wear black but it just made me look edgy.

”So to combat that I had to be super girly with my clothes but then I ended up looking like Strawberry Shortcake.
”It went down hill from there.”

Also the twenty one year old mentioned her the condition of her hair was ratchet saying although she still wears extensions. her own hair is looking much better. She added to We Love Pop magazine: [Read more...]

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